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According to the Global TB Report 2017, released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), India continues to have the highest number of tuberculosis (TB) cases in the world.
These Antidepressants Are Most Effective, Study Says Drinking alcohol more effective than exercise for living a long life, study finds Cancer vaccines: Where do we stand?
Eleven bottles of blood were transfused to the patient during the six-hour-long operation and he was put on ventilator support for the next three days.
Gran blew £10,000 after doctors told her she was dying Doctors use expired drugs as 300 are killed Human brain TRIPLED in size over three million years
The viruses, detailed in the study published in the journal PNAS, were from a family of viruses known to infect fish. 
Working Nights May Raise Diabetes Risk Kirin J Callinan on good behaviour after ARIA exposure Kirin J Callinan guilty over ARIA exposure

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