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Supernovas are getting their day in the sun today, with two separate studies about these spectacular, distant explosions that mark the death of massive stars.       
Trilobites: He Took a Picture of a Supernova While Setting Up His New Camera Stunning image of supernova captured by amateur astronomer WHAT IS A SUPERNOVA AND HOW DOES IT FORM?
Fox News is getting into the streaming business, with a planned Fox Nation subscription service due to launch in the fourth quarter.       
The Latest: Vonn leads Olympic women's Alpine combined The N.R.A. Has a Video Channel. Guess What It Shows? Danger! New 'Lost in Space' series gets Netflix premiere date
Rev. Billy Graham was a skilled orator, with a 1998 TED talk on faith and technology among his speaking highlights.       
The Latest: Billy Graham gave more than prayer to... 2/21: CBS Evening News Spokesperson: Rev. Bill Graham Died in His Sleep

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